The world's only iCLASS SE and iCLASS SEOS Cloner.

The iCS Decoder plugs directly into the iCopy-X. Comes bundled with three iCLASS SE® / SEOS® Blank Tags.

iCS Decoder


The iCS Decoder is cutting-edge accessory for the iCopy-X, which can clone iCLASS SE® and iCLASS SEOS®.

Most iCLASS® SE® & SEOS® systems still have legacy card acceptance enabled in their configuration. The iCS Decoder can decode iCLASS SEOS® IP / SE cards, and then generate an new card with legacy encoding.

Please note:

  • The iCS Decoder will only work for target systems that are configured to accept legacy cards. This is the default configuration.
  • This technique will not work on all iCLASS SE® readers. Coverage is approximate 85%.
  • The iCS Decoder is an accessory - it requires an iCopy-X.

How to use

Step by step instructions

The iCS Decoder is a simple plug-and-play device. Setup is quick and easy:

  1. Plug the iCS Decoder into the iCopy-X using the provided USB-C cable.
  2. The iCopy-X will recognise the accessory within 5 seconds.
    If the device is not recognised, simply unplug and replug the device.
  3. Place the target iCLASS SE® / iCLASS SEOS card® on the iCS Decoder.
  4. The target card's CSN, Facility Code and Card Number will be displayed.
  5. Disconnect the iCS Decoder.
  6. The iCopy-X will prompt for an iCS blank card.

  7. Place the blank card on the device to write the card.

Technical Information

What's Included

  • - 1x iCS Decoder
  • - 3x iCLASS SE / SEOS Blank Cards (One-Time-Write)
  • - 1x USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable

Technical Resources

iCopy-X / iCS Decoder Holder
3D Printable holder device for the iCopy-X + iCS Decoder Combo

Device Specifications

  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Dimensions: 90 x 55 x 24mm
  • Weight: 60

Shipping & Delivery Information

Each iCopy-X iCS Decoder is dispatched from our European warehouse. You will receive a tracking number upon item dispatch. The address used on your purchase is printed as a label - please double check your address to avoid mistakes.

For all European Union destinations, all shipments are DDP - Delivered Duty Paid. This means all applicable VAT/TVA, shipping costs and customs fees are pre-paid.
You will not be charged by the courier service / post office or customs.

For all destinations outside European Union, all shipments are DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid. This means that your country's custom service impose a VAT/TVA/Import Duty on your shipment.