The ultimate device for
cloning RFID Tags.

Rapidly and easily clone RFID tags like an expert.

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Meet the iCopy-X


100% Auto-magic

No expert knowledge is required - place a badge, select "Auto Copy", and the iCopy-X takes care of everything.

Fully Portable

The iCopy-X is pocket-sized, battery powered and completely portable with: no computer, no antennas and no fuss.

Copy Everything

Built to quickly copy low & high frequency tags (125KHz and 13.56MHz) - and even encrypted tags (MIFARE, iCLASS, etc)

Power Users Supported

The iCopy-X is based on the powerful Proxmark 3. Expert users can interface directly via the Proxmark client.

Getting hands on

Whether you're a pentester, security researcher, lock professional or hobbyist, the iCopy-X is a 'must have' device. Designed to raise the bar on RFID tools, it's built to meet and exceed your expectations of what an RFID Cloner can do. See it in action below:

Built for everyone

The iCopy-X is built for ease of use - but don't be fooled by appearances. Whatever your use case, the device adapts to your needs. From rapid RFID cloning for security professionals, on-site dump modification and emulation for pentesters or tethered for advanced functionality via the Proxmark client, your needs are covered.

Penetration Testers

The ICopy-X is portable, powerful and pocket-sized, making it the ultimate tool for pentesters and redteamers.

Beyond the Rapid Clone functionality, it also supports tag import & export for on-site manipulation, expandable key dictionaries, built in key sniffing and on-the-fly emulation.

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Security Researchers

There's no need to learn another platform - the ICopy-X is built on the Proxmark 3. Expert users have direct access to the full Proxmark 3 device and client via USB-C.

Everything you do on a Proxmark, you can do on the ICopy-X: Sniff communications, identify unknown badges, demodulate, emulate and crack.

Locksmiths & Security Professionals

The portable nature of the ICopy-X makes it ideal for locksmiths and security professionals, allowing rapid, hassle free badge duplication.

Simply place a badge, select "Auto-Copy", place the corresponding blank tag, and the device does the rest.

The ICopy-X is fully-offline and standalone. There are no payment tokens or copy-fees. You completely own your device.

Please note: Because it is an independant and offline device, the ICopy-X cannot detect or bypass Anti-Copy algorithms that are increasingly present in European RFID Access Control Systems.

For European locksmiths looking for a feature-complete RFID cloning system, we recommend the Rebadge solution, which is optimised for European residential access control systems.

To ensure seamless clones, the iCopy-X only works with Genuine Blank Cards - generic blank cards will not work. Genuine Blank Card Packs can be purchased here.

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The iCopy-X is the ultimate RFID Cloner.
Whether you're a pentester, security researcher, lock professional or hobbyist, the iCopy-X makes everyone an RFID Expert. Learn more here.

Depending on your needs, the iCopy-X comes with different Card Packs.

100% Automagic

Feel like an RFID expert.
Place a badge, start the clone - job done.

Fully Portable

Pocket-sized with no external computer or antenna required.

Copy Everything

Seamlessly copies both high-frequency and low-frequency badges.

Proxmark Inside

Built on the mighty Proxmark 3 - the most powerful RFID tool available.

Technical Specifications

ICopy-X Product Specifications

Supported LF Tags

• T5577
• HID Prox
• Indala
• ioProx
• Viking
• VISA2000
• Motorola
• Paradox
• Presco
• GProx
• Securakey
• Stanley
• NexWatch
...and many more

Supported HF Tags

◦ MIFARE 1K / 4K (4 & 7 byte UIDs)
◦ MIFARE Ultralight
◦ MIFARE Ultralight C
◦ MIFARE Ultralight EV1
◦ NTAG (Multiple memory sizes)

• ISO14443B
◦ ICLASS Legacy
◦ ICLASS Elite
◦ ICLASS SE (Requires iCS Decoder Tool)
◦ ICLASS SEOS (Requires iCS Decoder Tool)

• ISO 15693

◦ iCODE SLI (Partial)
◦ iCODE SLIX (Partial)

• ISO14443
◦ Topaz
◦ FeliCa
◦ Legic


• Auto Clone
• Scan (Basic Info)
• Read (LF + HF)
• Sniff (MIFARE keys)
• Emulation (LF + HF)
• Expert / Proxmark Mode

• Import / Export Keys
• Import / Export Dumps

Device Specifications

• Screen: 1.3 Inch 240x240 RGB LCD
• Navigation: Physical Buttons
• RAM: 256MB Ram
• SD: 16GB
• Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion battery
• Connectivity: USB-C
• Dimensions: 120 x 55 x 24mm
• Weight: 113g
• RFID System: Proxmark 3

iCopy-X FAQ

Does the iCopy-X support encrypted tags?

The iCopy-X natively supports encrypted tags (both LF and HF).

Specifically, it can automatically crack keys for MIFARE Classic, iCLASS® Legacy, iCLASS® Elite and LF tags with passwords.

With the optional iCS Decoder Tool, the iCopy-X can also clone iCLASS SE® and SEOS® badges.

Is the iCopy-X Open Source?

Although the iCopy-X is not an Open Source device, there are several elements that are open-sourced:

- Proxmark Source

- FPGA Source

Further Information is available here.

Can I use any blank cards with the iCopy-X?

The ICopy-X has three different Blank Tag Pack options: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Please note: The device only supports ICopy-X blank badges. Generic blanks are not supported on the device. Additional Blank Tag Packs can be purchased here.

What is the guarantee with the iCopy-X?

We provide a 2-year warranty against product defects, inline with European Consumer Law.

Where does the iCopy-X ship from?

All items are dispatched from our EU warehouse. You will receive a tracking number upon item dispatch. The address used on your purchase is printed as a label - please double check your address to avoid mistakes.

How are import duties / customs handled?

For all European Union destinations, all shipments are DDP - Delivered Duty Paid. This means all applicable VAT/TVA, shipping costs and customs fees are pre-paid.
You will not be charged by the courier service / post office or customs.

For all destinations outside European Union, all shipments are DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid. This means that your country's custom service impose a VAT/TVA/Import Duty on your shipment.