Updating your iCopy-X

The iCopy-X firmware is regularly updated - new functionality, bug-fixes and more. Updating the firmware is quick and rapid.

Firmware is unique to each device, and can be be generated with the form below.

  1. Enter your device's serial number (found under the "About" menu on the device) in the form below, and click on the 'Generate' button.

  2. Connect the iCopy-X to your computer using the USB Type C cable

  3. The device will be mounted.
    Delete any ".ipk" files from the root directory.

  4. Download the generated update package, and copy it to the root directory of the iCopy-X.

  5. Press "Ok" on the second page of the "About" menu on the iCopy-X to start the automatic upgrade.
Generate Firmware

Please note: Update packages are unique to each device - if the update fails, please confirm that you entered your serial number correctly.